Review: ‘Hunter’ by Wil Wheaton (short story)

An awesome book blogger and good friend of mine linked me to this “pay what you want” short story by Wil Wheaton. Hunter is about 2,500 words and is available  in DRM-free .mobi format for Kindle, .epub for other eReaders, and .pdf format for printing. There are two ways to pay, a ‘donate’ button where you choose what to contribute or a Google Checkout button, which is a $2 option and is what I paid. There is an option to download and read before paying  which, of course encourages one not to pay at all but I chose not to do so; I was good and I paid first. 🙂

A short excerpt from Wheaton’s site

It wasn’t the first time Pyke had pushed a rebel into the avenues. In the six months he’d been working for the Gan, he’d let dozens of terrified patriots think they were making their escape into the old city’s maze-like streets, only to trap them in one of its countless dead ends, where he’d have a little fun before turning them over to his masters.

The longer excerpt on the site is what prompted me to drop two smackeroos to read a few pages and while some may think it a lot to pay, I think it was well spent. I enjoyed the story and wished there had been more. Wished there had been a lot more! I found myself wanting more back story on the Gan and their invasion. I wanted to know more about the colony and learn the fate of Earth. I really wanted to know more about the Psykers and their powers. I think that’s a sign of a good short story, it leaves you wanting more rather than leaving you satisfied.

Check it out. You don’t have to pay the $2, you can choose the donate button and drop a dollar, the entertainment you’ll get in return is surely worth a buck, yes?




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