2016 NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge

I didn’t get around to participating in this year’s Short Story Challenge from NYC Midnight, but I so enjoyed last year’s Flash Fiction Challenge that I definitely wanted to do it again.

I received my writing prompts at midnight on July 22nd I actually had two full days off to work on my story. Only that didn’t quite happen as I had planned… of course. That would have been too easy. I ended up working 9 hours on Saturday at a job from which I had just resigned, to help out with a few things that they would have to deal with in my absence.


So I went home that evening and researched, and researched some more. I wrote a few thousand words that I then deleted, and I continued writing some more.

images-2My prompts were as follows: Fairy tale, a liquor store, a clipboard. Easy peasy, right? I mean, last year I had a mountain stream and milk as prompts for a fantasy story and I knocked that shit out of the park! #cockywriteriscocky

Again going for a unique idea to catch the attention of the judges, I did a great deal of research into the darker aspects of fairy tales and found a cool little story about a creature called ‘gancanagh’. I borrowed some elements from that story and adapted it to my modern setting, added my own little twists and turns, and then spent hours and hours fretting and begging friends for feedback. No worries in that regard, my friends are incredibly awesome and they came through spectacularly.

Once I had submitted the story, I planned to upload it to the forums in order to get feedback from other entrants, but to be honest I was just so busy with work and life and all the things. I only just realized, in something of a daze, that I get the results of my Challenge #1 entry next week!

So now I’m nervous as shit, wondering how the story will do next week before I get prompts for my Challenge #2 entry. Here’s the link to my Challenge #1 story, if you would like to check it out. Fair warning, it’s a little bit dark.

I will update here once I get scoring for Challenge #1 and get prompts for a Challenge #2.


I scored 8 of a possible 15 points for my Challenge #1 story. Yay, me!

This puts me in 8th place of 35 contestants in my Group. I received my Challenge #2 story and submitted it, though I was less than enthused about my effort.

Now… I wait for another 10 days or so to see if I scored on this story and if I advance to Round #2/Challenge #3.



Grace me with your thoughts, my lovelies!

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