“Tweet Me A Story” Contest

In line with Writing About Writing, I’ve just submitted three extremely short stories containing my assigned word (which was “perfect”) for an NYC Midnight contest:

Contest rules for stage 1:

The stories must be no longer than 140 characters, including spaces and punctuation. The assigned word must be spelled exactly as it’s posted. For example, if the assigned word is fast, then variations of fast such as faster, fasting and fastest will not be accepted. Stories may be written any way you like (i.e. poetry, abbreviations, excessive punctuation, etc…), as long as the assigned world is included in its entirety.


As the submission deadline has passed, I’m at liberty to share my submissions. Mind you, this was purely for fun and I wrote all three ‘Tweet stories’ within about 15 minutes. I’ll find out if I move on in the contest next Tuesday and I’ll be sure to post a comment here if I’m chosen to continue to Round 2 of the contest.


Tweet Story #1

What a lovely day. She was smiling so happily and nary a shadow marred her face. It was the perfect shot. I took aim and pulled the trigger.

Tweet Story #2

As I arrive, I decide to confess my love. We’re perfect for each other after all. Wait, who’s that woman with him and why is he kissing her?

Tweet Story #3

My wedding night is perfect! I’ve waited so long for him. My anticipation peaks as he disrobes. My eyes widen. What the hell IS that thing?!

2 thoughts on ““Tweet Me A Story” Contest

    • Apparently not! o.O

      I hadn’t realized that I could do more than one ‘story’ until I was ready to submit so yeah, the last two were kind of rushed! I’ll find out tomorrow if one was chosen and if so, I’ll have to solicit votes!


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