2011 Challenge

In 2010, I attempted to read 100 books.

I failed. But… I did manage to kick out a grand total of 68 books during the course of the year. Which was amazing… phenomenal! Yeah, it was exhausting!

If I didn’t get my two books a week in, I was freaking out! And what about the 1000 pagers that cropped up during the year? They take more time than ‘regular’ books! What if I read a book twice? Do I count it twice? What about audio books, do they count? How about novellas? Should I count them or would that be ‘cheating’?


Yeah, it was a bit overwhelming and frankly, I have a hard time remembering what some of the books were about… or even if I enjoyed them! Hence my decision to take after a few friends and start writing about the books I read, the better to keep track of and remember them.

I certainly won’t read 100 books this year… or even 68. I’m shooting for a mere 50 this year. You read that right, only 50 books! That may sound like a lot but I’ll be double-timing with audio books during the day, when work allows, and with actual books during my evenings and weekends… and I’ll be updating my list of books read in “My Book Reviews“.

Check it out, if you’re so inclined. I think this endeavor will be a piece of cake. Moist and delicious cake with yummy chocolate frosting. But no sprinkles. I really don’t care for sprinkles.

Grace me with your thoughts, my lovelies!

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